Patient Participation Group

Would You like to join our PPG

Great Barr Medical Centre -What’s the role of the PPG?

  • -Patient participation refers to patients, such as you, who are taking active interest in healthcare.
  • The group meets with representatives of the practice every 3 months on a Wednesday between 5.00 - 6.00pm.
  • The group discuss services and gives feedback and suggestions on how improvements can be made for benefit of patients and the practice.

What do PPG members do?

  • Attend the regular meeting.
  • Discuss new developments affecting the practice and give feedback.
  • Spend an occasional session in the waiting room informing patients about new services and maintaining the display board.
  • Helping with health promotion events.
  • Assist with patient surveys.

Who can join the PPG?

  • You can! Anyone of any age or background who is a patient registered at Great Barr Medical Centre.
  • Experience is not necessary.
  • New members are welcome to join.
  • Ask for joining details at the reception desk.