Travel Vaccinations

Important patient information about our Travel Clinic

Each traveller should fill out the form CONSENT FOR TRAVEL VACCINATION (Available from reception or click the link below) or complete our online travel form which is located on the home screen. They include details of travel, allergies and other appropriate information. The nurse will be unable to give any vaccinations without this information.

Once the form is completed and handed in please allow 7 working days and then contact the surgery to be advised if an appointment is necessary.

Travel Vaccination Form

Seeing the nurse

Travel clinics are run by appointment only.

Due to demand please make an appointment to see the practice nurse for vaccinations a clear 8 weeks before travelling. If you are going at short notice, it will probably be better to complete any courses of vaccinations after your return. You will then only need single boosters for later trips. Recently the surgery has experienced a lot of patients who have not attended for their appointments for vaccinations. This is a complimentary service provided by the practice for its patients. Consequently the service may be withdrawn if this trend is not reversed. If you are likely to be late or unable to attend your appointment please give the surgery as much notice as possible. A minimum of 24hrs is required for non attendance. If you fail to notify the surgery, you will not be given any further appointment for this service and will then need to attend a travel clinic who will charge for the service
N.B. You should refrain from pregnancy for 3 months following injections

Payment for vaccines

The vaccines themselves are usually provided free of charge. (Some exceptions apply). There is a standard charge for international vaccination certificates but these are seldom needed. The practice nurse can advise you on this. We do not provide Yellow Fever or Rabies vaccinations.