Our practice operates an 'advanced access' system, which means you can telephone during the day to get early access appointments. If your need is urgent we will call you back as soon as possible depending on the clinical issue. Just let reception know.

You can also pre-book appointments with GPs and Practice Nurses up to 3 weeks in advance or via our online service.

We try hard to run to schedule but some problems require more time and occasionally you will have a short wait.

Please be aware that ALL the doctor appointments are 10 minutes long, if this isn't long enough, please ask for a 'double appointment'. The doctor may ask you to make another appointment if you attend with more than one problem and the time you have booked isn't long enough.

If a patient is housebound or too ill to leave home they may be visited at the doctor's discretion. Requests for visits should be made before 10.30am by ringing 0121 357 1250 or 0121 360 7183. Please do not ask for a home visit if you can come to the surgery.

Cancelling Your Booked Appointment

Every day appointments are wasted because people do not cancel a booked appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do tell us so your appointment can be allocated to someone else.

To cancel an appointment please ring.

Evening and Weekend Access

Practices are working in partnership to provide additional GP appointments between 6.30pm – 8pm during the week and also over the weekend, If you need access to an evening or weekend non-urgent appointment, please call and speak to the receptionist at your registered practice during normal opening hours.

Your appointment may be with another practice in the area and may not be at your registered practice.

Booking Appointments Online

You can now book appointments online. Before you can use this service please come in to the surgery to obtain your username and password.

If you already have login details you can click the image below to access the service.

Why does my doctor sometimes run late?

This is a commonly asked question – all appointments are for ten minutes, however, many patients attend with complex or multiple problems that need much longer consultation times than this. If you know you will need more time, please mention this on booking so that an appropriate slot can be allocated. Emergency calls for visits or urgent attention must be fitted in appropriately throughout the day. All these calls on the doctors’ time add up to delays. We fully accept that it can be extremely frustrating to be kept waiting in our busy lives. As a result, the Patient Services Team will endeavour to keep you informed of any delays that may affect your appointment times. However, all patients are important to us and we would ask you to be patient. Next time it could be you that has a difficult problem to discuss or an emergency.


If you are confronted by a serious problem such as acute chest pain or severe bleeding call an ambulance (telephone: 999) before calling the surgery.