Care Quality Commission

Health and Social Care Act 2008

Aims and objectives

We aim to offer the highest standard of health care and advice to our patients.

We are dedicated to ensuring that practice staff and Clinicians are trained to the highest level and to provide a safe and rewarding environment in which to work.

We aim to extend our range of services to patients, following our planned move to a purpose built site.

We will safeguard all children and vulnerable adults and ensure that all staff are aware of policies in place to ensure all safeguarding issues are addressed promptly and appropriately.

We aim to achieve all practice targets by working as a team and supporting each other.

We aim to act upon any feedback given by patients or staff, both positive and negative.

We will treat all our patients with the utmost respect and demonstrate a genuine caring attitude.

We will take pride in our practice and will always strive to build upon our achievements, whilst providing holistic and individualised care.

We will encourage on-going training with all staff and Clinicians and provide the necessary time-scales to help everyone achieve their training goals.

We will ensure patient and staff safety by ensuring regular risk assessments are carried out within the practice.

We will ensure that all staff are trained in dealing with a potential emergency.

We will ensure that all staff and clinicians understand that they can report any concern in confidence in relation to the Whistleblowing Policy.

We will ensure that all staff and clinicians are aware of how to access all practice polices.

Through the promotion of health education and empowerment of the individual, relevant vaccinations are available to all eligible patients.

To ensure patients with long term conditions are being reviewed regularly in accordance with the relevant NICE Guidelines.

To advise all patients of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and medication compliance.

To ensure the practice is clean and tidy at all times.

To ensure a professional, caring relationship with other service providers to enable the practice to give prompt care and attention to all of our patients.

Our practice is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure we are meeting essential standards of quality and safety.